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You started Something Big 🙂

We appreciate you sharing this website with your friends.

As a special thank you, for sharing with your friends you will be given a free ticket in ‘Juke Box Jives’ monthly draw.

This is a computer generated ticket for a $100 discount ticket for telling your friends about  ‘Juke Box Jives’.

Do not let that sidetrack you though from the main goal here.

Imagine your wedding or your next party where the people you introduced to our site attend and thank you for the introduction them to ‘Juke Box Jives’ extended family 🙂 

As our way of saying thanks, you will receive the above discount ticket and your friend will also receive the same discount ticket. 

Tell them they owe you 

Thank you for extending our family

Tim Apps,


Juke Box Jives

P.S. Only one ticket redeamable per function or wedding.